You can only make a difference when you have the energy to do it

It always comes back to energy.

I teach the Cycle of Creation, what it takes to create something, anything in your life. A painting, book, job, money, relationship, body. When you create something new, you’re bound to get a little stuck in the cycle. You’re stretching where you’re not feeling comfortable.

You may get stuck in your ENERGY. You’re too tired or unmotivated to take action. Or it may be with your STRUCTURE. You don’t have the right structure in place in order to create and so you start and stop over and over again never gaining momentum. Or it could be the actual act of CREATION, listening to the voice of spirit, trusting the messages you get, tapping into the energy of intuition and inspiration. Or, it could be in that last phase, FINISHING what you start. The last phase of the cycle isn’t very romantic or exciting. It is just following through with what you said you were going to do. Boom. Creation.

At different times, you’re at different places on the cycle of creation. The thing is, it all starts with energy. You can’t create anything if you are too tired, if you’re giving your energy to everyone else, your family, to your work and job. If you’re letting your energy get sucked up by negative thoughts, fearful thinking telling you it’s not worth even trying.

In Western society there is an emphasis on producing, You’re getting things done. Nurturing your energy or listening to your inner rhythm isn’t considered important. But it is. I would argue it is THE most important thing to do. If you just keep working and working and working, you’re gonna burn out. I like to say it is like surfing and paddling for a wave. You can paddle all the time or you can paddle when the wave comes and ride it, you surrender to supportive energy.


Your energy helps you connect to inspiration, helps you when you want to give up, throw the towel and not finish what you start. You can only make a difference when you have the energy to do it. That is one reason I lead retreats. They are moments when you can nurture and nurture your energy, when you can fill up and listen deeply to what you really need.

Friday I am co-leading an online retreat. My intention is for you to feel nurtured and tap in to your inner abundance. It is for you to receive, as I know you give so much to your children, your partners, your jobs, your families.I’ve been in the conversation about giving and receiving for some time and noticed a lot of women don’t feel comfortable receiving. The thing is, they stop the flow of energy. It is like giving from pitcher, pouring that water out. If you never fill it back up, it’s done. It’s dry. You may feel like that right now. Or you may notice that pattern in yourself, to give until you’re empty. Then what happens? You get sick or tired. Bitchy or resentful.

In order to get your message out in the world you need to have the energy for it. The energy to share your writing, painting, creativity, workshops, classes, offerings.

If you recognize this in you and need to tank up a bit before the holidays, I’m inviting you to join me in circle this Friday at the…

Abundance Mini Retreat this Friday

Open to Receive, Connect with Possibility, and Awaken Your Abundant Soul

viso di donna

Creativity + Art + Opening to Possibility

Friday November 4th

9a Hawaii, 12p PT, 3p ET, 7p London, 6a Sydney

I’m co-leading this retreat with Amy Yamada, business mentor and master deep connector, as we help you connect with your Lady of Abundance who is ready to open endless possibilities!

In this no cost virtual, LIVE 1/2 day retreat, here is what you’ll experience:
  • Manifesting a rejuvenating relationship with money and your mindset. Yum.
  • Learning to receive as much as you give. Gotta fill the tank back up.
  • Revealing your old stories around money and self-worth, so you may release that which no longer serves a purpose
  • Creating a new story, through Amber’s creative art process. Time to bust out the art supplies.
  • Visualizing a new feeling, and align with your Abundant Wise Woman within YOU
  • Creating your own, unique “Abundance Manifesta!”
  • Taking inspired action steps and having a clear Abundance Plan, so you can move forward in your life and business and expand your possibilities

Ultimately, you will walk away with a new relationship with your Abundant Soul, which will reveal new opportunities and growth AND you’re gonna leave feeling inspired and filled up.

>>>Click here to register for the mini retreat* 

*If you can’t make it live, if you register you’ll get the recording in your inbox afterwards.

We’ve got yummy goodies just for those attending LIVE. Can’t wait to see you there.
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