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This is dedicated to the healers, mystics, coaches, teachers and creatives who are worried your soul’s calling isn’t going to make you any money.
When I first decided to try and make my creative business work part of my was SO excited. My soul was singing. The other part was totally terrified. How am I ever going to make money with this?
I have awesome news: you can make money. Here’s the deal. You have to know what to do. There are loads of teachers out there sharing how to make lots of money. Many of them aren’t sharing the real truth. You need to follow people who have done it, not just teaching how to do it, but who have really done it.
So Woman Unleashed (mwah) partnered with fellow creative entrepreneur goddess Shereen Sun for her interview series: Wildheart Entrepreneur Summit: Expert advice to create a thriving, abundant, heart-centered business.

You can sign up here to join the creative business party at no cost:

When you join us for this amazeballs interview series, you’ll learn how to use your magic and creativity to build a business that brings in abundance AND aligns with your vision. You’ll learn how to be wildly successful in business despite whatever limitations you believe you have. And I know if you’re holding back, you’ve bought into some limiting story about you not being ready, or good enough, or creative enough…. Enough with the enoughs!
It’s time to focus on the passion you feel called to discover, the people you feel called to serve and business you feel called to grow.

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