Technology Help

computer confusedCan’t get the interviews to play?

Let’s see if we can figure this out for ya.

It may be your browser, version of software or device, so try any of the quick fixes below:
1) Try using Firefox or Chrome for the best operation. You can download Chrome at
2) Ensure that the computer has the most recent version of Flash Player. You can go to to update.
3) If using Internet Explorer, F12 will switch to comparability mode
– Ensure comparability mode is turned off if using IE (Internet Explorer) 10
– There is no keyboard shortcut for comparability view for IE 10. You will have to tap ‘alt’, then click (tools> comparability view).
This might be a bit Greek, but we really want you to get access.
Make sure and let us know if you still have trouble at and we’ll find a solution.
Me ke aloha,