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Shawn Fink

Creating Alongside Your Kids

Being Productive in the Trenches of Motherhood

Free Gift: Daily Intentions Ebook


Jill Salzman

Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs

How You Can Use Motherhood to Your Business Advantage

Free Gift: 1 Week Pass to the Founding Moms Community


Dr. Danielle Dowling

Life Balance is Overrated

How to Live the Truth of Who You Are

Free Gift: Your Life Blueprint


Bec Robbins

Come Home to Yourself

How to Live the Truth of Who You Are

Free Gift: 7 Day Misery Detox


Wendy Silvers

Mothering Yourself

How to Bring Compassion to Ourselves and Our Children

Free Gift: Ebook 5 Pathways of a Compassionate Mother


Rhonda Britten

Fearless Living

What Would Life Be Like if We Were Fearless?

Free Gift: Videos: Stretch, Risk or Die

Peggy Rometo

Peggy Rometo

The Wise Mom

How to Listen to Your Intuition and Guidance to Create the Life You Desire

Free Gift: Meditation – Creating Your Destiny~ Playful Support


Susana Frioni

Choosing Selfishness

Letting Go of Control and Listening to Your Needs

Free Gift- 101 Selfish Acts: A Practical Guide to Putting Yourself First


Allison Maslan

Blast Off Mom

How to Be a Mom AND Run a Successful Business

Free Gift: 8 Multimillionaire Success Secrets


Amanda Dennis

Creating Paradise Within

How to Change When You Are Feeling Stuck

Free Gift: Mommy Mini Yoga Videos


Elizabeth Harper

What Color Am I?

How to Use Color, Energy and Chakras to Relax and Tune In

Free Gift: 5 Minute Color Bath Meditation


Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The Muse Infused Mama

Using Bite Sized Bits to Connect with Yourself and Your Creativity

Free Gift: Tea with the Muse 5-Step Video Painting Course


Cynthia Occelli

The Feminine Path

How to Resurrect and Reconnect to Your Feminine Power

Free Gift: E-book 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires


Evelyn Lim

Self Love Healing for Moms


Free Gift: Audio- Self Love Meditation


Prerna Malik

Keeping Mama Sane

Organization and Productivity Tips to Make Life a Little Easier


Free Gift: 100+ Simple Tips to Get Organized, Cut Clutter & Increase Productivity


Barrie Davenport

Passion Filled Life

How to Discover Your Life Passion While Being Mom


Free Gift: E-book 6 Fears That Keep Us Stuck and Not Living Our Passion


Nan Akasha

Let Go of Super Mom

How to Stop Doing it All and Start Living the Life You Desire


Free Gift: Audios Wealth Esteem Mastery & Clear Blocks Around Money, Guilt & Shame

debra poneman

Debra Poneman

What to Do When Your Dream and Family Collide?



Free Gift: Audio The Effortless Path to True Success and Happiness

andrea scher

Andrea Scher

You Are Your Own Super Hero

Finding Courage to Embrace Who We Are

Free Gift: Mondo Beyondo Dream Generator


Lisa Marie Rosati

The Goddess Within

Honoring and Loving Your Unique Inner Spark

Free Gift: Your Personal Goddess Lifestyle Recipe


Lisa Grace Byrne

Running on Empty?

Daily Practices that Replenish Your Core and Increase Calm, Clarity and Vitality in Your Everyday Life.

Free Gift: Secrets of a Stress-Resilient Mom Workshop: Teleclass & Ebook


Deborah Skye King

Finding Clarity in Chaos

How to Align with Your Soul Purpose While Raising Kids

Free Gift: 8 Weeks To Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose


Angela Gower Johnson

What’s Stopping You?

Learn How to Move Out of Limiting Beliefs and Embrace Possibility

Free Gift:Ultimate Dream Project- 3 Step Process to Remove Most Common Blocks


Allana Pratt

MILF- Maternally Inspiring Luscious Fox

Being and Staying Sexy in the Midst of Motherhood

Free Gift: 3 Audios- What Drains our Sensuality, Sexy Woman & Lasting Appeal


Allie LeFevere

Bold Living

Discover How to Unleash a Life of Passionate Purpose

Free Gift: Clean Up Your Life in 3- Jumpstart Full Body Cleanse


Kelly Canull

The Life You Want, The Change You Need

How to Move From Autopilot to Empowered, Heart Centered Living

Free Gift: Permission Slips- 7 Days of Permission to Be You


Debbie Rosas

Mothering with Authenticity

Letting Go of the Myths of Motherhood and Discovering the Unique Mom YOU are Meant to Be

Free Gift: Audio- The Voices of Mothering Your Mother Within


Michelle Ghilotti

Walking Momtras

Simple Truths to focus on YOUR happiness so you can RAISE happiness

Free Gift: Habits of a Walking Momtra Audio