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Evelyn Lim Bio

Evelyn Lim specializes with working with women who are struggling with believing in themselves about setting up their coaching and holistic practices. She mentors women so that they can turn their business vision into reality and to make money doing what they love. Her clients have reported enjoying greater clarity and experiencing shifts that are long

Evelyn Lim is the owner to the website She is a heart-centered intuitive who is also a Vision Board Coach, Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner and Certified EFT Practitioner. She is also the author to the books, Self-Love Secrets: How to Love Yourself Conditionally and Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold; as well as a co-author to the book, Adventures in Manifesting: Success and Spirituality (alongside other authors such as Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Fred Alan Woof – both teachers from the movie “The Secret” – and also best-selling author, Dr Brian Tracy).

Evelyn’s message is: Transform with Love in Your Heart; and Transmute the Business of Your Dreams into Gold. She strongly believes that one has to start with self-love before one is able to manifest abundance.