Bio Angela Gower Johnson

Bio Angela Gower-Johnson


From an early age I was able to hear the inner thoughts of people. As I grew up I was able to master and refine that skill to know if someone is on the right track with their goals, if they are barking up the wrong tree or if they are almost there… I work with people in business. What I do is invisible ninja moves to get people on point and tapped into doing business from their gut (knowing). Your business is unique because of you. You don’t need to follow anyone else’s plan to get the results you are looking for. If you are ready to stop listening to other people and do what works for you, then I might just be the right person for you. If you would like someone that is going to push you into your greatness, get your business doubling or quadrupling it’s income then let’s talk. I’m not a gentle coach, I don’t guide, I’m not politically correct and I will be calling you out on your ‘stuff’ that is keeping you were you are at.
My background is over 25 years of personal and spiritual development. I have invested over half a million dollars in working with the most phenomenal people I could find on this planet to learn the tools and techniques that create change. When I am not working with clients and continuing my own search for amazing powerful tools I enjoy cooking, eating, dancing, swimming, nature and wildlife.

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