RAW Writing Assignments

Writing Assignment: Episode 3, Part 1
November 21

It’s time to wrap it up and bring your lady home. What of the story still needs to be told? What lessons has she learned on her journey?

Sit down with her and ask… listen as she tells how her story ends. What did she learn about herself? What did she discover? What ways was she broken open or found a part of herself she never knew existed?

Minimum suggested writing for this section is 3 pages but you can do ask much or little as she requests.


Writing Assignment: Episode 2, Part 2
November 14

This week we are going to use the writing prompts from last week and create an adventure.

Tell us about the troubles she encounters and ones she causes. How does she act under stress? What or who must she confront? What choices does she make and why? How do those choices change the direction of her journey? What temptations cross her path? Be willing to get uncomfortable. Let her go where she needs to go to dig deep for her answers.

Look at situations that come from her character… lack of confidence, shame, bossiness, jealousy, the need to be loved and admired. How does she get in trouble from these traits? How does she deal with conflicts with others… people who don’t understand her, who see her as unimportant, her family, friends, enemies? What comes across her path that makes her adventure difficult? A forest fire? Hungry lions?

If you get stuck, ask questions. Don’t worry. Just let the images and words flow. Just write the story down. Leave the editing for later.

Minimum writing for this section is 3 pages but you can write all you want. Write and post a section that you connect with on the Facebook page.


Writing Assignment: Episode 2, Part 1
November 7

I hope you are enjoying the adventure you’ve begun with your Legendary Self. You’ve done the work of finding out who she is, what makes her heart and should sing, and what makes her heart break. You have written about the call of adventure and how it looked for her… What now?

Now you’re in the middle of it… the Sheroe yearns for something… be it physical, mental or spiritual. This is the part where we learn what it is and what she needs to make it through it.

So, let’s take her down our path. Jump into the unknown with her. Let her stretch herself and explore. This is where she may get a bit unruly, where she’ll meet her allies, magical helpers who guide her path. She’ll have to pass tests to understand more about herself and her gifts.

Below are some writing prompts. Pick a few and write a page. See where she takes you…

– She felt the hesitancy, wondering…
– If she was truly bold, she…
– She remembered the very day she knew she wanted more.
– She looked around trying to recognize a friend.
– The thing she feared the most was breathing down her neck.
– She knew it was wrong but didn’t regret it for a moment.
– She was so certain she was right.
– The temptation felt overwhelming.
– She knew it was hopeless.
– What had she gotten herself into?
– The last time I felt really happy…
– Home seemed so…

Writing Assignment: Episode 1, Part 2
October 28th

Woohoo! Keep on writing! What happened when she answered the call, what did she leave behind, where is she going?

Some thoughts to stir your story:
The She-roes Journey… What is that? Many people cite the Wizard of Oz as an example of one… she had something happen to make her leave home (tornado), she met friends and adversaries, learned what was most important and found her way home.

Developing a plot isn’t as important in a short story. We’re not going novel here… just a couple pages. You can center the story around 1 point of view (your Legendary self) or another character.

Remember if your Legendary self hits hard times its a way to see how she reacts, what choices she makes.

Possible components:
An opening
Geography setting
Other characters
Main story line
How she overcomes them
Wrap up and close
Leave you feeling inspired

Post an excerpt below. What was one sentence or section that particularly struck you? What did you find confusing or need clarification? What part of the story left you wanting more.

Next week… Episode 2…

Writing Assignment: Episode 1, Part 1
October 21

We’ve prepped and now it’s time to begin the process of recording the Chronicles of your Legendary adventure. This isn’t a complicated process. Just as you have let your painting show up, you don’t need to “think up/create” the chronicles, but only to listen and record a story gifted to you from the lips of your woman.

Imagine you are sitting down with your Legendary Self. Imagine that she is ready to tell you Episode 1 of Her Story. The topic of this first part is “Answering the Call of Adventure.” Let her tell you how her great adventure began. How was she called into it? What was the situation she was leaving? How was she feeling? What did she bring along? Was she pulled by the call of a mermaid or did she start by drinking some magic potion? Did she know where she was headed or was it a surprise? Let her take you as far as she will into her adventure this week.

If you get stuck, ask more questions. Don’t worry about editing or spell in, getting it right… none of that. This is about flow. We’re starting, getting the pieces on paper.

We’ll be working on episode 1 the next 2 weeks. Minimum writing for this section is 3 pages but you can write as much as your legendary self dictates to you.



Writing Assignment: Heartstorming Date
October 13

For your Heartstorming date take a good chunk of time and go to a place you can really listen to your legendary self. Bring your favorite things to write with, go to a place you love, set aside time for yourself.

Now, this brainstorming date isn’t about knowing all the answers or figuring it all out. This is about listening to what you DO know about your Chronicles. Maybe heart storm an outline, jot down an outline of what might happen in 3 different episodes. Write down a scene that you KNOW is going to be a part of it.

When you are done, your novella will have three episodes each a 3 page minimum. Episode 1: The Call, Episode 2: The Adventure, Episode 3: The Gift. We’ll take 2 weeks to write each episode. So this is the beginning!

Some questions to start your heartstorm:
-What is the name, or working title of your novella/book/chronicle?
-What is the subtitle?
-What is the name of your legendary self- name, physical traits, and sacred adornment?
-What is she looking for on her sacred journey and where is it?
-Who are her family, friends, allies, animals- names, physical descriptions, personality traits, who they are to you. Tell us her parents/origins/nationality/solar system?
-Totems, symbols, treasures- what does she carry in her backpack/knapsack/saddle bag?
-Obstacles to overcome- people, places, things- What does she face on here journey? What are here challenges?
-Special powers? Talents? Quirks? Addictions? Mysteries? Secrets? Weak spots? Power spots?
-What is the climax or victory?
-What is the geography/location/hangout spot?

Notes about episodes:
Each episode has a beginning/middle/end- like an adventure! It’s a mini story with a beginning, middle and an end that is complete in and of itself. Episodes may include the following: An opening, get you interested, geography setting- where she is heading to and from, a conflict/need/what the main character is dealing with/working through/saving, other characters she is interacting with a main conflict/challenge/plot/story line, struggles with/deals with/meets with, overcome something- but don’t make it too easy (just use your own life for inspiration). It will come to a climax- then crests it, and brings to completion with the moral or teaching- and leaves us, or at least you, feeling inspired.

It is a lot to imagine in advance. But all you’ve got to do is start where you are. Ask your legendary self how SHE wants to help you write your story. We’re just starting to stir the creative pot here: so get playful!


Writing Assignment: Exploring the Scene
October 8th

Get ready! Your Legendary Self is going to take you walking through her world as tour guide. Ask her to show you where her story takes place, where it starts, where it ends. What does the scenery look like, smell like, feel like? Who else is in it?

Ask her to show you her favorite bliss place. Why is it blissful for her?

Similar to the interview, this is a free writing session using your active imagination. If you get stuck, ask different questions. And if you get lost you can always follow the red thread of our sisterhood home.

Remember, just like dreams, all the scenes that come have information for you about your legendary life.

Suggested length: 1-3 pages depending, of course, on how much your Legendary Self wants to show you.


Writing Assignment: Interview with Your Legendary Self
October 1

We’re in the beginning, developing your character for your upcoming “Legendary Chronicles.” We’re gonna find out more about your legendary Self the way we do with anyone we meet… We’re gonna sit down and ask her. This is a free writing exercise where you imagine you are sitting in front of her and you observe and interview her. Ask what interests you and notice what connects in her answers or what needs further investigation.

Here are some questions to get you started:
What are some of her names? What does she like to be called?
What does she look like? What are her physical characteristics?
What gets her up in the morning and sends her back to bed?
What is her preferred way of dressing?
What is she most vain about?
Does she have an accent or a particular kind of laugh?
Where does she live? What does she like about it?
What kind of vehicle or transportation does she use?
Who are 3 people or characters in her life?
If she were to confide in someone, who would it be?
If you surprised them in the street, what might they be doing that would surprise you?
What is their most closely guarded secret?
If they could undo 1 thing in their life, what would it be?
What do they do for fun, amazement or to unwind?
Favorite food?
How does she move?
What does she really believe in?
Have fun and post below what surprised you about her.


Advice from your Legendary Self
September 3rd

This week I’d like you to write a letter from your Legendary Self entitled, “Advice on Leading a Legendary Life.” What can she tell you about living your life as a legend? Post in the group or share an excerpt.


Legendary Sheroe Writing Opportunity
August 20th

As we take a deeper look at ourselves as the sheroe of our life and how to live a legendary life, let’s recognize women who are sheroes to you. They can be someone you know personally or someone in history. They can be a fictional character or real. What makes someone legendary to you?
Choose 3 women. For each person, do a page in your Smashbook. Write their story. What makes them a sheroe to you? Post your sheroe in the group.

Here is one of my sheroes: Susan Elyn Sage Rootness
My mother was passionate. She stood up for what she believed in and didn’t care what people thought.

I remember one summer hearing gunshots. My mother spotted deer poachers on our land in an area where hunting wasn’t allowed. She dropped my brother and I off at our neighbors, parked her car across the road trapping the hunters, and called the Wildlife Fish and Game. She waited there at her car while the 2 hunters threatened her until the officers arrived.

She didn’t back down from her truth. She spoke up even when it would have been nicer or more polite to be quiet. When I was a kid, I was embarrassed by her. Now I understand her power. She owned her voice.