Better Done Than Perfect

I’ve been sitting here at my computer screen for hours waiting for inspiration to strike. So. Not. Happening.

I’ve learned, however, it is better to get it done than perfect… because perfect never gets done. Perfectionism is crippling. I know this beastie lives in me and comes out every now and again (like the past 2 hours) or last month when I spent 5 hours on an graphic I should have finished in 30 minutes.


The thing is, perfectionism doesn’t show up all the time… like when I’m cooking dinner, washing my face or doing laundry. It’s not like I spend hours folding my laundry until it’s just right. It seems she shows up when I’m worried what other people will think of me.

She showed up before I read my first poem,

Hung my first painting,

Taught my first dance class,

Interviewed my first expert,

Published my first blogpost…

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.09.12 PM

She also showed up when I invested with my first business coach and took my first painting course… measuring if it was the right time (perfect time).

This is what I realized: There is no perfect time.


As you’re waiting for the perfect time, real life keeps on moving.

I have spoken to women who have wanted to start a business, start painting, write a book, start teaching, etc, but have waited for the right time to start. The thing is, when I talk to them years down the road, they are still waiting.

Perfectionism and the illusion of the right time has stopped them.

I get it. I used to say I need to pray about something or that when things are meant to be, it will line up, but the reality is, I was just scared. I didn’t trust myself to make a decision so I would wait for ‘signs.’

So this is my encouragement to you…

If you are waiting for the right (aka perfect) time

or want to make sure things are just perfect before launching/sharing/submitting/trying/doing what you love, please just remember, better done than perfect.


Share below. What is 1 thing you have been wanting to do but have been stopped by perfectionism or the illusion of the right time?


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