Add More of Your Uniqueness to Unleash Your Spirit

I’m learning a lot standing for what I believe in.

It began with finding my voice, then standing up and taking action. Lastly it is about shining your light. And when I say shining your light, what I mean is shining your uniqueness, your unique self.


I feel like I have had to learn this lesson over and over again, how to dive deeper and deeper into my truth.

imageWhen I first started this journey, I didn’t know where to start. I just knew something was wrong. So I did the only thing I could think of… followed someone who I thought had it together. I was so depressed and lonely, that when I found someone who was living their joy and sorrow authentically, I was inspired to do the same. I started dressing like them, talking like them, doing work like them.

I don’t think that is bad.

Following/copying someone moved me from my depression into taking action that felt more me. Sure, it wasn’t all me, but it was more me. It opened a dialogue, an inquiry for me to explore the real me. And as I started dressing differently, painting differently, talking differently, what I noticed was, bit by bit, I uncovered more of me. It’s like a pendulum swung from one side to the other, and now years later, I’ve come center, come to my center.

We’ve all been trained to dress, talk, speak a certain way and it takes some play to find what feels right again. Finding someone who inspires you will get you out of your box and unleash more of your spirit.


It wasn’t me…

A couple years ago I started working with a business coach. She has a specific strategy that she teaches her clients and I followed her process step-by-step, exactly what she told us to do. I hosted an online interview series for mom’s called The Radiant Mama. I talked with women who balanced being a mom and living their dreams, but there was a part of me that was missing from those conversations. I found I was turning myself into a mini version of my coach and, although it was moving me towards my goal, I could feel it wasn’t me. Last year I hosted another series, but this time it was me. The Woman Unleashed Online Retreat brought together my passion of movement, art, and spirituality. Because it was more me, participants could feel it too. We had double the amount of people join us from our first serives to this past one.

This is my point…

No one can express like you. You are meant to be the youest you you can be.image_2


When you embrace your uniqueness, you will be happier, more successful, and attract the right people to you. Your work in the world is to find what makes you joyful and to do that… be that.

What keeps me from being myself is caring about what other people think. I have a deep desire to feel connected with others and have them like me. When I don’t feel that way, it hurts. I feel lonely. When I betray myself and ignore my intuition, it is because I am trying to fit in or make people like me.


Why wasn’t I using my uniqueness?

The past couple weeks I’ve shared my journey to find my voice and take action for something I deeply love… my mountain Mauna Kea. This week I realized I wasn’t using my uniqueness. I was doing what other people were doing. I signed petitions, marched in parades, sign waved, forwarded things on Facebook, and write blog posts, but I wasn’t really using and utilizing my gifts.

I am an artist. I am a poet. Why was I not using that side of myself?

And so I started a piece this week with the intention of opening up more love for Mauna Kea. This is my way to give back. To rally the artists, visionaries, poets, musicians to one cause. To be fully me and to share using my gifts and talents. #artformaunakea



What is one way you can be more of yourself?

If you work, how can you add in some of your passion to your space? Maybe it’s adding music to your work environment, plants into the office, or a sketch pad next to your desk.

If you volunteer with an organization, think about what skills you can offer.

What part of you can you gift?


Share with me. Where can you add more of YOUR uniqueness?

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